Pickling of stainless steel water pipes

Although stainless steel plumbing is relatively corrosion resistant and protected by an oxide layer, we also need to take care of it. It may be difficult to remove the limescale from it by washing it with water, so some people choose to acid wash it. 

The first thing to note is the acid content of the pickling process used for rust removal. It has been found in practice that an acid content of 18% is better. Although stainless steel water pipes can be placed in a humid environment, friends will also need to place them in a dry environment in order to avoid the electrolyte adhering to the surface of the pipe. 

The maintenance of stainless steel water pipes at a later stage is actually quite important, especially after leaving the factory. An important step is the pickling. As it is treated with chemical elements, you need to pay attention to your own skin in terms of protection. The staff, in particular, need to wear the necessary protective equipment and the same environment needs to be checked carefully. You cannot be concerned with just one point, check a few more times to see if the protective sling of the steel pipe is secure. After this series of checks is correct, the work can be carried out.